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Postcardcollecting.com was founded back in March of 2000 out of deep desire to connect with the rest of the postcard collecting world. We have enjoyed  collecting, buying and selling postcards for over 15 years on such venues as ebay.com, delcampe.com, playle.com, ebid.com and others. All with many positive feedbacks. We would be delighted to share those user names with you as a reference.

So now why your own online store?
There's nothing like the pride of having your own business, now is there? There's no restrictions, like on the other big guys and you can bargain away till your hearts content without breaking the rules :)  That's something both buyers and sellers both like. I can always be contacted via the contact form ( be specific in your request)
Now that  retirement is here, there's more time to devout to listing, buying and selling.

If there's any area of interest please, contact us via the contact form and we'll get right back to you.

PS. We have a brick and mortar store, www.pittsvilleantiques.com located in Pittsville, Maryland that's not strictly devouted to postcards but we have many thousands on hand to view. If you're coming to Ocean City, Maryland for vacation sometime and would like to stop by the store, contact us for arrangements of time and interests.
If you are an animal lover, you may want to visit our online store that sells miniature porcelain and ceramic firgurines along with anything having to do with animals.
Visit our store at www.aboardnoahsark.com


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