Do you accpet offers?

  • Yes, we do sometimes accept offers. It never hurts to ask.
  • It is best to make your offer directly from the product (listing) page's question tab. By using the tab on the listing page, this will send along all the info about the product you are making the offer on.  If instead, the contact form is used then you must include the item title, the cost of the item and the amount offered.
  • if the offer is accepted, we will notify you immediately. An offer made by the contact page is not the best way and may delay our decision.
  • If we accept your offer, a coupon code will be sent to you via email that will be used at the time of checkout.
    Please be certain to use a valid email address when sending the offer via the question's tab on the product page.
  • Your accepted offer coupon will remain valid for 7 days. Please be aware that the item remains
    available for sale to anyone else during this time. Your prompt purchase is recommended as there are no quarantees
    that the item will remain available to you during the 7 days.
  • The coupon will adjust the price to the agreed upon amount at checkout.
  • Offers not accepted will be counter-offered or declined.
  • If a counter-offer is given, you will be sent a coupon to use that reflects the counter-offer and that can be used at time of checkout.
  • You will always be notified of our decision!


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